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<p>DeNA has updated its gothic fantasy strategy-RPG Blood Brothers 2 with PvP and an Arena Battle mode.</p><p>Specifically, there's a new "PvP Brigade Event," which is a best-of-three back-to-back battle between three squads.</p><p>The Arena Battle mode describes itself. It means you can now directly challenge friends to battle in the arena.</p><p>On top of that, you can now design your own stages that have you creating strategic formations to defend against other players.</p><p>Plus, there are new Guild features. You can compete against other Guilds with Event Points. You can also trade with your Guild members in the Guild Bank.</p><p>That clears up this update for now. And if you don't know, Blood Brothers 2 does have a campaign mode set a century after the original game.</p><p>In it, you have to build an army to restore order, which you strengthen through training, customising weapons and gear loadouts, and mastering new skills.</p><p>You can download Blood Brothers 2 for free on the App Store and Google Play with this latest update right now.</p>.

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