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Hill Climb offroad(APK v1.33.1)

<p>We don't often cover software updates here on Pocket Gamer but I thought this was newsworthy. Android just announced at GDC that it will soon let all Android users try apps directly from a search result without installing it.</p><p>Running via a streaming API, you'll just have to hit the "Try Now" button when you search for an app and you should be all set.</p><p>Here's what it looks like:</p><p>You'll be limited to the first ten minutes of the game but this is rather neat and a new way for developers to communicate about their apps.</p><p>Of course, since it uses a lot of bandwidth, this will restricted to Wi-Fi only.</p><p>You should see it pop up on your Android phone and tablet soon.</p><p>[Source]</p>.

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